Aloha !!!

hi everyone :)
good morning !!

i'll introduce myself, my name is Fani Fauziah, i am 23 years old (almost 24 actually). i'll start to write my post in English, at least 1 post a week. why? Because i want to practice my writing skill. i have a plan to apply scholarship for my master degree. for your information, i graduated from Universitas Padjadjaran, Faculty of Agriculture and my major was Plant Pest and Disease. hmmmh are you familiar with this major? i don't think so :D besides that, i must practice my speaking skill too, so every twice a week i have a conversation with my friend in english. in this first post (in English i mean) i'll talk about my family and the little things about me.

hmmh i am the youngest in my family, i have a brother and two sisters. all of my siblings are married and live separately from me. i live with my mother only. my father passed away 10 years a go. i live in Bandung, West Java. it is nice place with nice people but lately Bandung feels like Jakarta, you can find traffic jams everywhere especially in weekends. i am an aunty now, i have 5 nephew and 1 niece. there is 12 years gap between me and my third sister therefore why i have 6 nephew :D while everybody  is married i was still studying in collage or doing something else. 

what i like?
i like to eat. who doesn't? :D i am not afraid becoming fat since i was fat anyway. LOL !! as long as i healthy i really like to eat halal food. i looovveeee travelling, i love the beach, the mountain and something refreshing with quiet places. later i'll share about my backpacker story.

what i dislike?
hmmmh how to say this? i don't like exercise :D
but i care with my health so once a week i have an aerobic class (if i'm not lazy :D). i choose aerobic because it feels more like dancing than exercising.
i hate lizards, every species of lizards. they are just disgusting, ugly and its tails aarrgghh so annoying. i really hate them so much. ok just don't talk about them x(

what am i doing on my leisure time?
i like reading. i read all types of books such as novel, non-fiction, science fiction, philosophies and others. but among all, i'd like to read psychology books. i am colleting Torey Hayden's books. it's really interesting to know about the different types of mental disorder.
i don't like read comics because it is so confusing, i don't know where to start and the pictures make me more confusing :D
sometimes i cook too, i like to try new recipes. not always succesful but i am not egive up easily :D

hmmmh i think that's enough for today.
as u can see that my english skill is still bad :D i would appreciate if u can give me some advices.
thanks for reading guys ;)
ciao !!

Aloha !!!
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